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The road has my undivided attention. My eyes stuck to the center like glue. Every piece of the road looks gray, bleh. My music is blasting and I can't stop these thoughts. I love my fantasy drives, they seem to be the only times I feel like no one can hear me. No one can stop me, nobody. I like to play songs where I can picture myself the center of attention. I like to play songs where I can picture myself in violence. Can't forget the songs, where I dream of slipping to space.  My car rides are so lonely and I don't really know how to judge that? Am I really missing something? I'm alone for now, & how shall I use my time? This may take years of practice. I guess for now it's safe to live in my head until I know which words I'd like to use. Change can wait.

Don't forget
Through the music, we felt the same. We always felt the same.

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lazy but there

Writer's Block: Family Is…
What does family mean to you?

My blood, my ways, & my love.

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I fear my denial

Writer's Block: Prone to puns
How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

Michael Scott

Writer's Block: Oh no not I
How do you recover from a bad break-up? The proverbial pint of ice cream? Quality time alone? Going out with friends? What are your personal healing strategies?


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I locked it, made sure i'd be safe..

& I can't stop starring at the key.

My name, is you..
Connection with the soul
I met myself for the first time
Eliminating visions caught by reflection
This was one of those spaces,

There I was, a silent creature of the night.
Gazing up above
Watching night fall as day

All over again
and again
and again


Man, what a journey
these nights
under the moon


& through the gentle breeze
I listened to her sound
Mello feelings run purple through each vein

I fell in her trance
All those nights,
under the moon

Slow dancing to time

Hand and Hand
As one.

My eyes choose colors sent by the sun
swirling together to shadow sleep for the moon
existing in nature
beautiful fiery hell
infinite theory's
endless destruction
falling buildings
screams fearing death
tall power
progression of the mind
fear ticking time
Insanity starring at the clock
small eyes dreaming
seeking answers
The power to know


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